Monday, May 01, 2006

What is it with the new soft drink ads. I think the real competition is to decided which one is trying to come up with the worse advertisement for their products.
First we had the ad with Aishwarya Rai and the "thande ka tadka". Is this what they spent tons of money and hours of creative effort on? So one has to whistle with a coke bottle in their hand and then they will not be rude "dude" . Ye Gods what is wrong with the creative team that came up with this ad. More importantly , maybe i dont understand marketing or get it , but somehow i really do not think this is it.

If this was not bad enough, Pepsi came up with a worse ad. The ads started with teasers saying "Pepsi TV" is coming and is worth watching. I even remember seeing certain articles in the newspaper which said that they saw Pepsi in conversation with Ekta Kapoor. Of course that would lead to "Kyonki Pepsi Bhi Soft Drink Hai". However after loads of teasers, we were treated to an ad that insulted all possible senses. Apparently after months of exhaustive research Pepsi has discovered that one of the main things that people do when they sit at home is watch tv. Thus they came up with this commercial which preaches that drinking pepsi will make the channels more exciting. Now i do not watch a lot of what comes on tv but i defy anyone to make one of the norml 9 - 11 family soaps more bubbly - No it does not happen not even with a crate of Pepsi.
The Thums Up ad on the other hand has a wild banshee looking Akshay kumar standing on top of a lighthouse and playing the drums. While i would seriously advocate such behaviour if you were an inmate of the Ranchi madhouse but for all othe normal people , this is definitely a no no.
Having said that , I really like the Limca ad. It does get its point across. We should have more of those. I really like that jingle. It is amazing.

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