Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pick up line ?

I was watching television last night when i saw this really cheesy program on a really cheesy channel. It had Mr. YUPY (young urban punjabi youth ) Vicky Singh trying to entice an equally yuppy punju girl with his amazing charm. To understand the situation you have to really understand how Vicky was dressed. He was one of your comb in the back pocket , goggles in the eye socket type of fellows. Dressed in a t shirt which could only be worn by someone under 1.5 foot and tight jeans, he also had decided to wear dark sunglasses. This of course is a nice thing when the sun is shining hard on your eyes. However if you are in a party in an indoor hotel and it is after 10 PM, do u really need to be wearing the sunglasses. He then proceeds to the lady in pink ( I swear i have not seen so much of pink in my life - not even in Archies on the 14th of Feb) and then dips his leather glove covered hand into a glass and pulls out the ice and crushes it with his boots ( these are boots which would give mountain trekkers a complex). This is followed by the pickup line of the century. " Now that i have broken the ice , can you tell me your name". If that was not revolting enough Pinky decides that this indeed does deserve an exclamation of glee. She promptly says I am Raveena and breaks into hysterical giggles.

Is it just me or is the image shown here a bit disturbing. I understand i am not what one would define as the cool dude but still do women actually like these dialogues? Hmm no wonder my strike rate in this particular department is a big 0. However i would definietly want to improve my succes ratio. As Vicky seems to be the example of a successful ladies man, I shall be following in his foot steps. Let me list down some of the lines which i may be using. (PS - if you are a lady and you are reading this , i beg of you , please run as soon as you see me )

(After bouncing a tennis ball ) - Now that the ball is in your court , would you consider going out with me ?
I need a map as i am getting lost in your eyes
Is there an airport nearby, or is my heart taking off !!
How was heaven when you left it to come down to earth?
Your dad must have been a thief, and stolen stars to put in your eyes !!

Please do let me know your opinion on these. I would have to say that all the last few lines had come from an article on the web. I could not have created them. Am just not that good.


svairini said...

I was soooo glad to see the disclaimer in the last line (unlike Ms Vishwanathan ;-)). It sort of redeems my faith in your inability to pick up a woman of any kind with a line of any kind (reassuring it is). But yes, there is a certain deplorable lack of good pick-up lines (I personally attribute it to a general lack of men..too many boys around) all around. It only gets compounded by a general decline in standards women set (dont blame them, you can only pick from what you get, after sometime)

Manav said...

Hi svairini

Interesting comments. Would be even more interesting if they made sense

Anonymous said...

those pick up lines dosent inspire much wit or humor and clever i dare say only works with ladies who wanna get picked up!;)