Sunday, May 14, 2006

The man and the ATM

I was standing in the line for the ATM machine over the weekend. Manav's first corollary on the working of ATM machines was working in full flow. "If at any time an ATM vestibule has n machines n-1 of them will non operational." In this particular case the vestibule had 2 machines one of which was non operational. "

There were about ten people who had queued up behind the single operating machine. However within a minute I was blessed with an appearance of an individual who i will now refer to as the Supreme One. Dressed in denim jacket and jeans with sunglasses over his head, ,He looks around the vestibule with a condescending look and absorbs the scene. He then proceeds to the non working machine and puts his card in. After typing his pin he is shocked that the machine spews an error message. He then wildly looks around at the ten of us and proceeds sheepishly to the back of the line.

As I am not one of the people who possess the inner eye i can just gauge what he could have thought on the basis of his actions. As he walked in , he would have spotted an empty ATM machine and ten people standing behind another one. He then would have reasoned as he was the only one in the world who had been blessed with common sense, it is possible that not even one of the people in the line has managed to spot the empty machine. Offering a silent thank you to God for being the chosen one he would have proceeded to make his way to the empty machine. Of course the rest as they say is history.

On the off chance that this supreme being is reading this blog , I would like to congratulate that person as he has been given the Manav award for being the chosen one. It is good to know that such people do exist and give the rest of us a purpose for existence


Mil Mil said...

Of cos there are lots of ppl who posess only cow sense & like to act like they are damn clever...I hate those bugger.

Anonymous said...

i think nothing wrong in the guy giving a try.....he just lost nothing in giving a shot at the machine... and there was no hurry to join the que coz.. the lenght of the q was neither increasing at a rapid speed that his opportuity to the working machine was delayed.... just imagineeeeeee( from Krishh!!, of course) if he was lucky at the machine and wokred that time... how wud all your faces have turned...

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