Sunday, May 07, 2006

36 China Town

I saw 36 china town yesterday. Well the movie is not a total wash out. However the problem with it is that it takes itself too seriously. It tries to be a thriller when it is anything but the same. The premise of the movie is your standard hindi movie fare. A rich heiress gets murdered and there are a host of people who could have been responsible.

The rich lady is wonderfully played by Isha Kopikar. The directors having recognized the unlimited potential exhibited by her have used her in a role where she has 6 scenes , 5 of which are her playing a corpse.Better use of Ms. Kopikar i have not seen for a really long time. The movie also stars Shahid Kapur who jumps excitedly from frame to frame without any real sense of purpose. Giving him company jumping from screen to screen is his lady love Kareena Kapoor who continues from where she left on in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum. In other words she is still loud over made up and remarkably irritating. Besides the people above 36 China town also marks the debut of Upen Patel.

Now i will plead ignorance. I did not know who Mr patel was but the lady next to me started screaming wildly and waving her hands going EEEEEE its Upen. That was not very educating and did not explain who Mr. Patel was but i assume he is someone who is considered "Hot". His debut reminds me of the great debut of one Deepak Malhotra many years ago. I do remember seeing his debut in Lamhe. However unlike the plush multiplex where i was watching 36 China Town.I had seen lamhe in the front stall of a shady Calcutta hall. On Deepak Malhotra's debut, there were no one who was wildly screaming EEEEEE its Deepak. In fact if anything the dude next to me(dressed very well in a torn vest and a dirty lungi) commented loudly s**** yeh Ch******** kaun hai ? Anyways Mr. Patel plays a cool playboy in Goa. He calls himself Rocky and has single handedly provided more cheesy lines in this movie than i could have thought of. A sample of this would be " Aapke pitaji terrorist hai kya Aisa bomb aur kaun bana sakta hai"

The movie also stars Akshaye Khanna. I was pleasantly surprised with his performance. As the cop who has been entrusted the task of solving this case he does a very good job. In fact the movie sort of picks up when he is around. The music of the movie is also pretty decent. However i do not understand why Himesh Reshammiya has decided to sing his songs. The music is decent but i do think the voice takes away a lot from the song. Of course thankfully we are spared the sight of the bearded and capped Mr. Reshammiya hollering into a mike with a hand stuck in one pocket of his jeans.

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